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Align Asset Management was formed in 2020 in response to an ever-changing housing market. We have nearly a decade working directly with onsite staff, property owners, and lenders who were looking to overcome challenges. Our ability to cater our services to the needs of the clients allows us to work nationwide. When a client comes to us or we are awarded a deal, we are the first people on-site, and the last people to leave when the property sold. 

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Aside from offering clients high-quality results, our commitment to customer service made tenants a priority and ultimately lead to increasingly higher retention rates amongst renewals. Increased renewals allow for a reduction in turn costs, a boost to reputation, and ultimately adds to the bottom line. 

Align Asset Management works with teams specialized in marketing, strategic asset management, and an innovative approach. We provide our clients with a world-class experience. We pride ourselves on being available and accessible to our partners. Our number one goal is to increase occupancy, increase value, and ultimately increase your return on investment. 

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You may be wondering what separates Student Housing from other asset classes, and while the goal of prosperity is not lost, the entire process from underwriting to acquisition and through disposition varies greatly. Student housing operates on a school year budget, vs calendar year. Student Housing does by the bed leasing. One of Student Housing's most important metrics is pre-leasing. While most of these seem to be common sense, it is often the small details in these categories that have such a great impact on a good investment. 

The concepts and standards of Student Housing are typically applicable nationwide. There are aspects of operation that can be universally applied in small or large markets with small or large schools. However, the quirks that come with each market are what makes a good owner/operator/investor a great one. For example, did you know that you cannot step foot on the University of Kentucky's campus without special permission from the school? Do you know what the housing fair costs in your markets? Did you know that freshmen are required to live on campus at some universities but not others? 

Oftentimes, when a property is facing some sort of default, Align's first priority is stabilization, but reputation management is important to the turnaround. The effect of a poor reputation shows in prospects and residents, but the importance of vendors, competitors, and most importantly the university, should not be forgotten. 

Align's specialty, 

The story behind our logo

Our passion for Down Syndrome awareness started before Align Asset Management was "a thing". Owning our own business had always been part of the plan, but as the pieces fell into place and the foundation for the company began to assemble a unique opportunity presented itself when it came time to design the logo. To us Align means to give support to, or arrange in a straight manner. The goal for the company is to provide strategic alignment for our clients and assets and operation. The two circles as the dot for the "i" represents the merging of two differences. We (April and Brittany) are opposite in so many ways, that the ability to ground the other has become a core strength in our partnership. The circles overlap as do many of our beliefs and core values in life and business. And last but certainly the most meaningful part of the logo is the arrows. In 2017, Heather Avis wrote a book titled  The Lucky Few: Finding God’s Best in the Most Unlikely Places - The Lucky Few for Short. It did not take long for this to catch on amongst the community and the name The Lucky Few has become synonymous with Down Syndrome. Simultaneously images depicting arrows in multiples of three represent the three 21st chromosomes and represent rising above and moving forward-- something anyone lucky enough to know someone with Down Syndrome will watch them do! So in honor of our mutual love for Merreck and our desire to advocate for the community we chose to incorporate the three arrows in our logo as a constant reminder that we are blessed to know and love one of the lucky few. 

Leadership team

April Priebe

Principal / Managing Broker 

p: 517-719-8179

e: april@alignam.com

Brittany Herringshaw


p: 812-322-0871

e: brittany@alignam.com

April has successfully climbed the ladder in the real estate industry with over 15 years of experience, overseeing management of 200+ employees and holding a portfolio average of well over 7,500 beds/ units nationally. For the past 6 years, she has specialized in distressed assets, receivership, and loan workouts, developing solid platforms, and operating student housing throughout the U.S. while working on over 25 different Receivership assignments. She also has coordinated and overseen over 25MM in Capital Improvement projects within the past 5 years on a variety of assets. In addition to her leadership role, she has supervised training and support of property management software for commercial, multi-family, MHC, and student housing divisions. April also assists in property transitions and on-site training and enjoys a hands-on approach management style. She continuously is working on creating up-to-date training materials and procedures for expanding a company in terms of geography, service, and property type. She has extensive experience in housing markets nationwide, specifically within the Midwest.
Brittany comes to Align with 13 years of real estate experience. As many in this industry have also experienced, she stumbled into the field by happenstance. Brittany started in student housing working for a small local company in Bloomington, Indiana. Her passion for leasing came in the most organic way; a one- on-one environment where she took prospects through the entire housing process. In this setting, she was there from the day a resident walked in, to move-in day, and ultimately move-out day. It was this love of continuity and seeing the process through that has carried over to asset management. Brittany has developed a thorough understanding and appreciation of an asset’s life cycle. Her focus has been on distressed assets, often in default. As a representative for Receivers, she has participated in the turnaround of a variety of asset classes. Once an asset is stabilized she has assisted in facilitating the title transfer either through disposition or REO transactions. 

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In her previous positions, Ms. Priebe held the titles of Senior Vice President of Multifamily & Student Housing for Foresite Realty out of Chicago, and most recently an SVP of Transition Management for a national owner-operator of student housing. April had grown and managed her previous employer's Student Housing Division from only 900 beds to well over 16,500+ beds within a three-year span. During her previous work experience, Ms. Priebe has been involved in multiple asset types totaling over 100 properties within the past five years. Through her time in the industry, she has gained an extensive list of property management backgrounds in leasing and marketing in many University markets. April has supervised transitions and integrations of newly acquired properties in over 25+ states primarily in the Midwest and Southeast regions. Other responsibilities included onboarding of staff, market research and analysis, deferred maintenance assessments, tax appeals, reporting, onsite training, and continuing education for employees and clients in the real estate industry. She has also brokered deals for dozens of transactions annually. April has a passion for a strategic and hands-on approach to identifying and assisting with distressed assets through Receivership, REO, and third-party management. Through market analysis, due diligence, and identifying challenges and opportunities April has been successful in leading property turn around, stabilizing, and increasing value of the asset. Leading the charge for business development, she enjoys working with clients and developing goals both short and long term so that every deal starts off prepared for a successful and profitable future. Her specialty has always been in the fast-paced and ever-changing student housing asset class, however, she has increased her ability to adapt into Multifamily and mixed-use. Ms. Priebe earned a B.S. in Secondary Education and holds Master's Degrees in Human Resources and Communication from Central Michigan University. She holds a Michigan Real Estate Broker’s license and is a member of the Michigan Education Association and Greater Michigan Association of Realtors.

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After further work and often an increase in rents, etc. she has assisted the asset through the transition into third-party management, for the long term hold. She is successful in coordinating & supervising transitions, AR/AP review, maintaining property budgets, marketing & market survey analysis, service agreements, utility log auditing, and set up and review of property reporting. Additionally, she has a background in assisting with deferred maintenance identification and management, as well as real estate tax appeals and placing insurance. She also facilitates training for on-site staff. Brittany is continuously working on expanding the company’s services and regions. She enjoys working with clients and educating those who share a mutual passion for student housing. With a strong background in distressed assets, she coordinates complete delivery and review of due diligence for Buyers and Sellers. Her assessment of market analysis assists in identifying distressed (micro and macro) markets and properties for potential new business with value-add opportunities. Her specialty in transitions allows for the successful on-boarding of new assets and ensures that each and every Property starts off prepared for a profitable future. In the last 10 years, Brittany has coordinated and overseen 15MM in Capital Expenditures, managed more than 200+ staff, and overseen divisions with 12,000 +/- beds.
Ms. Herringshaw earned a B.A. in Biology & Psychology from Indiana University-Bloomington. 

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